The other day, we went to our outdoor organic market in the City Park to enjoy the last days of Indian Summer and … the stalls were filled with the Harvest’s Bounty – pumpkins, fresh greens, fruit of all kinds, with their stems and leaves still attached … these gorgeous pears were there just waiting for someone to pick them!!
Lucky us 😊
There is something about them that surpasses their beauty. They have a sweet taste, they’re very juicy and their slightly grainy texture is their personality! Who doesn’t like a good pear?
If you buy them red, dig in as they are fragile and have a short life span.
But they will get eaten for sure!
Thanksgiving is just around the corner so let’s make it really special with this divine yet simple idea for a heavenly dessert that will turn everyone into thankful pilgrims.
It’s simple and delicious for one of your desserts!
And you don’t even have to feel guilty as they are, after all, just fruit! Right? 😊
Choose the most beautiful pears in the market and wash them. Keep them in the fridge for a while before you start.


You’ll need:
. Pears
. A bag of granola
. A bar of dark culinary chocolate. We prefer Godiva.
That’s all!
Step 1
Crush the granola in a mortar and pestle to break up the larger bits.
Next, you will only need to melt chocolate with a splash of milk to get that thick and shiny look, and keep it warm.
The cold pears will now be perfect to dip into the chocolate. Just dunk them halfway into the bowl and set aside. Repeat for each of the pears. You can make as many as you want!
The last step is to dip the pears with the chocolate into the bowl with the granola and leave a part of the chocolate visible as it looks really yummy!
You can also do this with toasted and crushed almonds, if you prefer.
Now you’ve created a PEARadise to remember.
And you’ll dine with family and friends that are truly thankful and blessed to be included on this day of days.
Let’s give thanks for all we’ve been given.