Ask anyone, at Christmas, the cheese ball wins the popular vote.
The jewel of the hors d’oeuvre table, who can imagine a holiday party without one. It has a lot going for it – besides being super tasty, it is economical, can be made in advance with no cooking, and it goes perfectly with wine.
We love this retro gem and have made ours sparkle with a covering of pomegranates.
You can add a bit of sophistication to yours by adding other cheeses, such as blue cheese, feta, goat cheese or parmesan to the usual cream cheese or ricotta base.
Finely chop the nuts. Blend nuts, cheeses and herbs together- try oregano or chives. Season with salt and pepper.
Next form a ball. At this point, wrap the ball in plastic wrap and refrigerate to keep firm.
Cut open and remove the pomegranate seeds.
Here is something we learned about pomegranates that everyone should know. The fruit structure is a star so if you cut the edges of that star you can easily open the fruit sections and remove the seeds. Try it!
Beware of the juice – it squirts and stains!

Before serving, remove plastic wrap from cheese ball and gently roll in pomegranates to cover.
Serve with a selection of crackers and vegetables.
Now go mingle, I think that’s Don Draper over there!