A cheese board is something that almost everyone loves!
Imagine having 2. It only gets better!
You can divide them on your table setting and be sure everyone gets their share!
Normally you start by mixing different kinds of cheese, from soft to more mature and stinky! Mmmm… I can feel my mouth watering just thinking about it!
Every cheese comes in a different shape which lets you start your layout on the right foot – richness through diversity. 🙂
Next you can add any kind of nuts, such as, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts. These little friends will complement the softness of the cheese with a crunchy texture. Your mouth will have an explosion of flavor. The more mature cheeses are also delicious if you mix them with honey. If you can find natural honeycomb, just place it as is and let it ooze … how delicious that can look… and easy to serve.
As a great addition to this, you can add a bowl of olives to introduce a slight acidic flavor to the whole experience.
Once you try all the possible combinations, start all over again and fill your glass!! You won’t need anything else!


To keep your boards in good condition, you should first clean your board with a damp cloth and then dry it with a cotton rag.
You need to be sure you don’t soak your boards in water. And never store them while they are wet, since wood is very sensitive to humidity.
No dishwasher allowed, of course.
Also, you should take care of wood and stone differently.
For the wood


Lightly polish the wood with a vegetable oil such as peanut or almond oil to maintain the finish. You’ll see how your wood gets shiny and beautiful.
For the marble


Here is a great way to remove stains and keep the marble super white and clean. Buy regular chalk sticks. Then draw over the marble surface until it is covered with chalk dust and leave on for 48 hours. After that just clean the dust with a dry cloth.
Your board will look really white and grease free!!