This world of ours gets smaller every day. One minute we’re in New York and the next it’s Paris.
But regardless of our spot on the map – the mission remains the same – “create ceramics that enrich our lives and make us happy”.
overandback has offices worldwide, staffed with passionate people who are obsessed with design, quality and function. We love what we do and no matter where in the world it happens we remain the same – Team overandback – Darlings of Design.
Well, this is our first blog post, so we will tell you our story…
overandback is an International Company marketing TableTop Ceramics to Retailers around the world. The company features a wide assortment of materials from Porcelain to Bone China to Bespoke Ceramics. Artistry and practicality come together to create the beautiful world that is overandback.
Founded in 1986 by current CEO, Bernard Levitan and President, Richard Gillett. Originally based in Portugal and Italy, the company now produces product primarily in South East Asia. overandback maintains its Design Team in Porto, Portugal under the creative direction of Angelina Azevedo.
Consequently the company approaches product development with a European eye. overandback products can be found in the USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia  and soon Iceland. Now thirty years old, overandback is truly global in its approach to the exciting world of TableTop.

That’s all for now…. Stay tuned! Every week we will post new updates on our blog for you…