Let’s celebrate Halloween this year with this “Scary” DIY dip bowl created by the overandback team…
Halloween is a fun time of year for kids, and for adults too!
Set your table in the Halloween spirit and try these peppers, stuffed with whipped cream cheese and celery sticks.
You’ll only need:
Step 11476805882_pumpkin-lamp_01
Cut the top off of the pepper’s “head” and set aside. Remove the “brains”! happy-480
Step 2
Create a face on each pepper by cutting eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 3

Fill each pepper with the cream cheese.
Step 4
Repeat the same steps for the other peppers, chop the celery and…taste it!!
Finally, if you want to give your table a scarier look, decorate it with Halloween confetti!!


Have fun!