Our world is a kaleidoscope of color and color is an international visual language that creates a connection to all.


So when we’re trying to find the right colors for our products it is essential to create a range that embodies our strategy.
Pantone is the gold standard for proper colorization. The design community can reach into the Pantone toolbox and find colors that will span any and all disciplines. This is where it starts.
The Pantone Color Report provides direction that inspires us as we create a world of color and trend.

And this season we are right on trend, the Pantone fall 2016 color report reflects our mood and color tendencies exactly!
Blue family: calming, strong and sophisticated, it fits in with our theme of rustic sophistication.
Unexpected, Spicy Mustard is earthy and playful, and brings an exotic warmth to your table.
Lush Meadow green brings to mind Nordic forests and fields: elegant, natural and vibrant. And Sharkskin Gray is the perfect edgy neutral to combine with any of the season’s color palettes.


Stay tuned because in the next few days we’ll show these products in detail here.