You don’t need an Advent calendar to know that Christmas is coming, but opening a little numbered door each day, from December 1 until Christmas Eve, to reveal a picture or present is an idea that everyone – religious or not – can get behind.

At overandback we are counting down the days with quotes and photos to help everyone get in the holiday mood.

So, if you have a bunch of mugs and some extra barn wood lying around, you can actually build a mug tree. Our idea is to write a saying for each day. Something that will inspire you or make you laugh!
Here you will find some ideas of sayings that you could use.
But you will certainly get inspiration to write your own (use thick card stock). And you can even turn it into a game with your family by writing up messages to each other and tying them up with string. You will love your xmas tree!

There is really no place like home for the holidays!